property maintenance

Property Maintenance


Most people will have had experience of a task that was left undone until it reached crisis level. The trouble is that then it usually demands to be done when the point of greatest inconvenience has been reached. Either the weather is poor, the days too short, or cashflow at a low ebb and then we wish we had done something sooner.

If something needs to be done, the likelihood is that the situation will never improve and the cost of repair will almost always spiral well beyond the cost of early maintenance.

Keep up with Property Maintenance

The most important areas to keep well maintained are household plumbing, gutters and downpipes, chimneys, roofing components and exterior walls. While some of these are able to be checked and treated by property owners, it is wise to consult an expert if there is any doubt.


Roof tiles become worn by the action of wind and rain over many years and can then crack creating leaks. Most tiles are lipped over roof batons, which can deteriorate over time causing slippage. Once ‘weather’ has taken a hold, the roofing felt starts to become damaged and rafters and roofing struts can suffer too.


DIY can prove costly!

While many jobs around the house can be tackled without much difficulty, many are just too fraught with problems to be attempted by the novice. Failure to observe local rules and regulations can even prove dangerous for you and your family. For more advice on general property maintenance call us on (01296) 730971