Home Improvements

Moving house can cost a small fortune, because of estate agent fees, solicitors, moving and suchlike.

Unless you really want to move to a new area, very often staying where you are and ‘building on’, is very much the best solution. Add up the costs and weigh them against each other and it is generally much cheaper to stay where you are.

Remember, all you need is a small amount of space. This could be alongside your property, behind or even in front of it and often you will not need planning permission.

Add Value to Your Home

Space has now overtaken location as the greatest concern for home buyers for the first time since the ‘eighties’ boom years, according to new research by Nationwide.


No need to move

Who wants to move away from a place where they know everyone, where children have made all their friends, settled in school and feel secure. Perhaps you are approaching or past retiring age, frequently people move into a strange area and discover just how hard it is to start making new friends again.


Greater Saleability

Larger rooms topped the list of the most important factor when seeking a new home, according to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by ratedpeople.com. One in six people questioned declared that they were dissatisfied with the size of the rooms in their current home. Many people however, are not able to move home at present because of the slowdown in the property market and what is seen by many as the prohibitive cost of moving home.